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A seagull at Dingle's Peninsula © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.Hello everybody! My name is Freddy and I’m from France. I’m going to talk about my experience in Ireland. I hope this blog will be helpful for those who’d like to study in this wonderful country called Ireland.

I’ve participated in the Erasmus program for the 2011-2012 academic year. I like studying foreing languages, travelling but also meeting people from different cultures. That’s why I’ve also learnt the basics of Irish, I LOVE this language!

In France, I mainly study history, literature and everything related to the English-speaking world.

At Mary I (Mary Immaculate College) I had the opportunity to attend  Media and Communication Studies (such as Information Technology, Audio and Video Production and Post-production, and Journalism…) that allowed me to grow professionally and meet nice people.

I would like to thank Niamh Armstrong, who was my teacher of Information Technology, for everything she did for me. She is very nice! She was always there when I needed advice. She is the perfect teacher! She listens to her students, she stays after the course to explain things you don’t understand. She is attentive to the difficulties of her students and passionate about her work. I am absolutely impressed by her devotion. She taught me the basics of HTML, and also how to use properly various softwares such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash CS5. That was really interesting and useful for the improvement of this blog.

The purpose of this blog is first to tell you about my experience, but also and above all, to give you useful tips to help you in your efforts if you want to integrate the Erasmus program. Not to skew your idea of Ireland because of the love I have for this country, I will appeal to the testimony of Erasmus students, but also to those of Irish people.



What you can find in my blog:


  • Ireland Overview

→ General information about Ireland (Government, Population…)

→ Irish Language (some useful sentences, music and examples on video…)

→ History (a little bit of history) Coming soon!

→ Legends (Cúchulainn and his friends, faeries and mythology, the impact of those legends on the Irish society) Coming soon!

  • Latest News

→ My experience as an erasmus student in Ireland (Preparations & Accommodation/Departure: Plane or Car Ferry? etc)

→ Testimony of other international students (Audrey (23yo) France, Holger (23yo) Germany, etc)

→ Testimony of Irish people, what do they think about their country, travelling abroad and their relationships with foreigners? (Sean (Irish teacher),  Lauren (20yo), Rory (21yo) etc)

→ A few bunch of frugal and useful tips Coming soon!

  • Picture Gallery

→ You will find many photographs related to my delightful little trip in Ireland. Don’t use them without asking my permission as each picture is under Copyright (© Copyright 2011 Freddy D.)


♣ NEWS ♣

Find the latest News

(April 19, 2011)

(April 05, 2011)

Irish Teacher Interview: Sean, Ireland

“Most (International students) are very polite, and interesting, and some are very beautiful.”

(April 04, 2011)

Walking in Ireland: Irish Trails and Coillte outdoors

In Ireland you can live, you can have fun and you can breathe!

(April 03, 2011)

Irish Student Interview: Rory (21yo) Limerick, Ireland

“I have made a number of french friends throughout my time in Mary I”

(April 01, 2011)

(March 30, 2011)

(March 29, 2011)

Student Interview: Holger (23yo) Jena, Germany/Limerick, Ireland

“When the lecturer manages to catch my interest I usually like the lecture”

(March 28, 2011)

Student Interview: Laurie (20yo) La Roche Sur Yon, France/Limerick, Ireland

“some Irish students are really nice, they make all they can to make you feel good”

Student Interview: Julie (20yo) Reims, France/Dublin, Ireland

“Irish students are really kind with me”

(March 27, 2011)

Student Interview: Audrey (23yo) Reims, France/Limerick, Ireland

“I travel every weekend, and I see as much as possible!”

(March 23, 2011)

Departure: Plane or Car Ferry?

Most of the roads are in good shape and the Irish drivers are very fair! 🙂

(March 21, 2011)

Preparations & Accommodation

It is important to be well prepared before going to a foreign country.


Connemara copyright Freddy D.Connemara National Park, Ireland

Text: Freddy D.
Photo: Freddy D.

  1. A seagull at Dingle’s Peninsula © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  2. Connemara National Park, Ireland © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any advice or if you just want to give me a feedback about my blog. Thank you very much for your concern.


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