Irish Student Interview: Rory (21yo) Limerick, Ireland

Irish Student Interview: Rory (21) Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland “I have made a number of french friends throughout my time in Mary I”Rory Mary © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

Where do you come from?

I’m from Askeaton which is a small village situated about a halfan hour from Limerick city.

Where are you studying? And why?Mary I Forum © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

At the moment I’m studying Education and French in Mary Immculate College.

What do you study in Ireland? Do you speak any foreign language?

I chose Education because I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I enjoy working with children. I chose to study French because I love learning languages (I also speak Irish) and I think knowing a foreign languages can be beneficial when travelling abroad.

Have you already travelled abroad?

I’ve travelled abroad to many different places including: France, Greece, Spain and the UK.

What are the things you like most over there?

I like to go on sun holidays but I also enjoy going on cultural holidays where you get to enjoy the scenery and whatever sites of interest that each place has to offer.

What are the things you dislike most over there?

When I visited Spain and Greece I disliked not being able to understand or speak the language and I had to reply on natives who could speak English in order to communicate.

Have you already been in touch with some International students? What is your relationship with them?

I have made a number of french friends throughout my time in Mary I.

What do you think about them in general and in particular?

I think students that come on Erasmus can tend to socialise a lot with each other and I think this is a perception which many people have but in my experience with international students I have found them very easy to talk to and easy to make friends with as they have been very friendly.

What do you think about the Irish education in your university?

I think the system in Mary I is quite good – particularly the French system whereby students get the chance to correct there work as this is very fair.

Is there anything in the Education system that you would like to change?

I would like if exams were optional and I could be assessed totally through assignments.

What is your best memory in Ireland and abroad?

My best memory in Ireland is being in Mary I. Abroad was when I travelled to Paris with my friends.

What is your worst memory in Ireland and abroad?


Would you like to study abroad? Why? Where?

I would love to study abroad in order to improve my french like many of my peers in Mary I. I got the chance to travel to France on Erasmus but as I study Education I did not get the chance to live in France.

Text: Freddy D.
Photo: Freddy D.

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