Irish Student Interview: Lauren (20yo) Limerick, Ireland/Clermont Ferrand, France

Irish Student Interview: Lauren (20) Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland/Clermont Ferrand, France “I know Freddy, and some of my friends from Ireland are French” “They’re real nice people”Jade, Lauren and Alison © Copyright 2012

Where do you come from?

Limerick, Ireland.

Mary I Corridor © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.Where are you studying? And why?

Mary Immaculate College. I’m studying here because I wanted to get a full degree to sucessfully become a primary/secondary school teacher. Also, its in my home town which is an advantage.

What do you study in Ireland? Do you speak any foreign language?

I study French, Irish & IT (Information Technology). I can speak Irish fluently and a bit of french..

Have you already travelled abroad?

Yes, I’ve been to Majorca, Menorca, Portugal, America & France next year.

What are the things you like most over there?

Hmm.. the sunshine & the food hehe. Also, exploring the country and relaxing in a different background e.g beaches etc

What are the things you dislike most over there?

Not understanding the language over there e.g Spanish

Have you already been in touch with some International students? What is your relationship with them?

Well, I know Freddy, and some of my friends from Ireland are French (well 2 of them) Also in class I’ve spoken to a French student and shown some directions to one around the college.

What do you think about them in general and in particular?

They’re real nice people.

What do you think about the Irish education in your university?

And about the education in general? I enjoy learning Irish, even though there’s sooo much in the module. Also, I think the seomra caidrimh is a great way for student to practice and learn irish. The education is good also, just sooo much to learn and do within a space of few weeks! The pressure is on.

Is there anything in the Education system that you would like to change?

Some learning activities maybe that could make lectures more interesting!

What is your best memory in Ireland and abroad?

Ireland.. my friends. When I go to France especially, I wont forget them and the memories we shared together. Abroad.. the beaches hehe

What is your worst memory in Ireland and abroad?

The rain in Spain and in Ireland.. I dont have any!

Cock symbol of France © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.Would you like to study abroad? Why? Where?

Yes Im going to study in Clermont Ferrand next year, France. I think it would be a great opportunity to practice and improve my french speaking and also to explore a new culture.

Text: Freddy D.
Photo: Freddy D.

  1. Jade, Lauren and Alison © Copyright 2012
  2. Mary I Corridor, Ireland © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  3. The cock, French national symbol © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

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