Irish Teacher Interview: Sean, Ireland

Irish Teacher Interview: Sean “Most (International students) are very polite, and interesting, and some are very beautiful.”Sean Montage © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

Where do you come from?

From Carrigeen in South Kilkenny.

What is your occupation and where do you work?Sean Whiteboard © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

I am an Irish tutor and I work in Mary Immaculate College.

What do you teach in Ireland?

Sean Whiteboard © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.Irish.

London Big ben montage © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.Have you already travelled abroad?

Yes – all over the UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Senegal, U.S.A.

What are the things you like most over there? Abroad?

Linguistic diversity… and exotic culinary cultures.

What are the things you dislike most over there?

My experiences have always been pretty positive abroad, but excessive bureaucracy, and increasingly vulgar demonstrations of the onslaught of globalisation have offended me abroad in the past. Not that that doesn’t happen to me in Ireland too.

Have you already been in touch with some International students?


What do you think about them in general and in particular?

Most are very polite, and interesting, and some are very beautiful. A few, however, tend to be a little too suspicious of the host population, .i., the Irish, and misinterpret things, construing them as “racism”.

What do you think about the Irish education in your university? And about the education  in general?

Education is good in the university. I blame the Irish secondary school system which is a mess.

Is there anything in the Education system that you would like to change?

Do away with rote-learning (learning technique which focuses on memorization without the use of meaning as a basis to store information).

Sean Industrius © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

What is your best memory in Ireland and abroad?

  • Having a two year old girl from Conamara ask me who I was and what I was doing in her parish when I was walking past her front garden on the way to the beach on a beautiful sunny afternoon in June 2007.
  • Abroad: Speaking French and buying croissants on my first morning in France.

What is your worst memory in Ireland and abroad?

  • Ireland: A policeman pulling me in for speaking on the phone while driving. He did not believe my explanation for why I was on the phone (that I was asking my mother to get some arnica for me since I had dropped an amplifier on my shin), and he asked my girlfriend at the time, who was in the car at the time, if she was used to me telling lies. And then he fined me.
  • Abroad: Missing a flight in Charleroi because the airport officials though two x-ray machines were sufficient for over a thousand summer-holiday makers on a busy sunny morning in June 2011.

Would you like to be a teacher in France for instance?


Sean at Mary I A Look to the future © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

Text: Freddy D.
Photo: Freddy D.

  1. Sean Montage Sepia feature  © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  2. Sean Montage © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  3. Sean Whiteboard 1 © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  4. Sean Whiteboard 2 © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  5. London Big ben montage © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  6. Sean Industrius © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.
  7. Sean at Mary I Looking to the future © Copyright 2012 Freddy D.

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  1. Having an international experience without leaving your home country must be interesting and also challenging I imagine, observing all the culture shock and questioning that comes with someone discovering the unknown and particularly the different logic that is at work beneath various cultures, which can be one of the best things about living in another culture while also the most infuriating.

    I didn’t realise when I read this to begin with that you are French. I definitely have to follow your blog now, that is one of the reasons I love to teach, to hear about my students experiences when they travel in other countries and to enjoy observing how liberating it is for them when they discover they can communicate in English.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. I haven’t found the time to give you an answer before today because I went to Beara and Kerry’s peninsulas (Ireland) which are really beautiful places. And I also have to revise my lessons, time is flying and my final exams are coming. I’ll post articles about my travels as soon as possible. Thanks again 🙂

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